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Marketing without Money

It’s time to collaborate.

Speaker Reel

About Therese

Can you imagine … if you could do marketing without money?

If you had other brands influencing their customers to work with you, shop with you - CHOOSE YOU!

Where you could convert your target audience without a marketing agency, and stand out from your competitors and stop fighting for business.

It’s time to take control of your marketing, and stop relying on FB ads.  It all starts with changing your marketing mindset so you see opportunities for brand collaborations everywhere.  

I want to invite small business owners and big corporate marketers to use creativity as a differentiator.  

I want you to join me on this crusade of giving customers something exciting, alluring, chat-worthy, and shareable.

It’s time to build your brand, your client base, your online presence, and ultimately your bank account by doing brand partnerships.

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Therese is a passionate speaker, best-selling author, business and incubator advisor, and a marketing leader in the partnerships and collaboration space. With a career spanning over twenty years, Therese has started and grown her own businesses and led marketing teams for billion-dollar companies.

With an intense interest in manufacturing, Therese worked for giants like Minolta and Phillips before starting her own company in her twenties. She gained the licenses to produce baby products for Jeep, Sesame Street, and United Colors of Benetton which took her from her spare bedroom to contracts with three factories and offices in five countries. She harnessed the power of partnerships to reach this scale.

After selling that company, Therese started working with big brands creating marketing plans that included partnerships and collaborations. From eCommerce to property, she has negotiated and delivered deals for many brands that have seen them create cobranded products, events, content and appear in magazines to TV shows like The Block and Selling Houses Australia.

After publishing her first book SWAP! Marketing without Money and becoming an Amazon Best Selling author and reaching Booktopia’s Top 10, Therese has appeared on podcasts around the world and has articles published in Kochie’s Business Builders and Smart Company. Her energy is highest when she is on stage, and she was the keynote speaker for Small Business Month alongside Google.

She knows what both sides have to offer and to gain by working together. Therese believes “Small Brands have what big Brands need” and her mission is to see businesses become stronger together by creating something amazing their mutual customer will love.

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On stage or Online.

Therese will ensure that every audience member leaves the event having had curious conversations, with a basketful of great ideas and an impatience to implement them.

She will ignite the possibilities for your brand in the room, and open the floodgates to your own value, clarity, and options. 

One small business owner said to Therese about her book SWAP! -  "I'd love to say that I couldn't put your book down - but I actually had to because my mind was blown with ideas that I had to write down straight away as I was reading, then I hungrily consumed the next pages of gold."

Therese believes the best brand partnerships are when two brands do a deal and agree to give generously, share widely, learn from each other and report back the insights.

These kind of collaborations allow you to speak to your ideal customers, increase your own brand credibility and improve the profitability in your business.

It’s about creating something irresistible for your mutual customer - and gaining from the process.

Speaking Topics

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Marketing without Money: Ways to Rethink Your Approach.

Most businesses feel like their marketing is out of their control and it’s lonely making those decisions without experience. Other business owners struggle with marketing and finding ways to get their brand to stand out with a small budget. 

Forbes Magazine and American Express say that Partnership Marketing is the fastest way to grow your audience, your brand, and your sales. By collaborating with other businesses, you will get your brand in front of thousands of your ideal customers, increase your credibility in your industry and improve the profitability of your business.

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Building Brands with Creativity: Think differently.

Branding is the process of giving meaning to a company, products, or services by creating and shaping a brand in consumers’ minds. This workshop will help you understand how to build a branding strategy to help customers quickly identify and experience the brand and give them a reason to choose that product over the competition’s, by clarifying what this particular brand is, and is not.

In very simple words, a product is what you sell, a brand is the perceived image of the product you sell, and branding is the strategy to create that image.

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10 Questions & 100 ways to answer: Creating killer content.

The ability to identify your target customer and create relevant, timely communications using the right channels and strategies, is critical to creating a brand that resonates. Effective communication with customers can help build relationships and promote customer engagement and retention.

A communication and content strategy can set your business up for success. Learn why and how to make one for your business to enable your company to grow.



The City of Ryde commissioned Therese Tarlinton to deliver a keynote session based on her book SWAP! Marketing without money about the partnership economy at the Get Connected – Smart Ideas for Small Business event, alongside speakers from Google and Optus.

Therese was an engaging and high-energy speaker and easy to deal with leading up to the event. She delivered a keynote that motivated the small business owners in the audience and provided stories with practical actions they could take into their business the very next day.

The event feedback survey illustrated the connection she had with the audience.

Jan Bouhali
Economic Development Project Lead – City of Ryde Council. 

Therese is a true professional in the way she delivers her workshops, her presentation skills are second to none. Therese is extremely knowledgeable & insightful; we are looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future.


Kayley Segalla

Event Coordinator & Marketing - Realise Business


Dynamic, interactive, and engaging! Therese is a fabulous speaker, keynote presenter, and leader in her field.
I connected with Therese when I invited her to host one of our Inspiring Rare Birds masterclasses. Both the delivery and the topic of the event were outstanding. Therese is an energising, skilled, and inspirational speaker, and a wonderful person to work with.

Sarah McLachlan

Community and Program Manager - Inspiring Rare Birds

Therese designed and facilitated three fantastic marketing workshops for our start-up founders. Therese has a wonderful way with people, an ability to engage participant input and tie a multitude of complexities together to enable great outcomes.

Therese's passion for marketing certainly shone through in the workshops. The workshops were well received by our start-up founders, and we are looking forward to working with Therese in the future.


Nicola Dew

Program Lead - Macquarie University Incubator - Research, Innovation & Enterprise

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